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Hunan Siase Electrician Industry Co Ltd
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Hunan Siase Electrician Industry Co Ltd has developed into a professional manufacturer of high-end switches, sockets, lighting and circuit breakers since 1987.

It has an electrical industry base with more than 1000 employers. The base covers 40,000 square meters and a floorage of 32,000 sqm.

Its marketing headquarters is located in Changsha, with a floorage of 1,500 sqm, and Siase has also planned a 40,000 sqm plot for further expansion.

All Siase products have obtained China Compulsory Certificates (CCC) and have passed the ISO9001:2008 certification.

Siase has also received the “Hunan Famous Trademark” title, “Hunan High-Tech Enterprise” title and “Hunan A-level Quality Credit Enterprise” title.

Siase boasts advanced equipment such as high-end digital-controlled injection molding machines, automatic feeding devices, high-speed and high precision punching machines, standard automatic assembly lines, digital-controlled linear cutting machines, digital-controlled spark machines and pneumatic and electric riveting machines, ensuring quality and scheduled delivery. 

Siase will continue to bring in new technologies and equipment and build a leading base for electrical and lighting products.


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