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SIASE BS(British Standard) Product Range Presentation
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SIASE electrical has been one of the biggest professional switches & sockets and electrical products manufacturers since 1987 in China. For the past 30 years, SIASE branded products have been widely used in the household of Chinese families. Meanwhile for the overseas markets, SIASE has launched quite a few state of art designed products. Here are a few of them:

1. 8 Ranges of BS (British Standard) Switches & Sockets
Including W series for the white colored switches,
L series for the gold colored switches,
S series for the silver colored switches,
both the L and S series are well designed aesthetically for architects and consultants. They are brushed gold and silver, not like normal gold or silver.
V series for gold and silver colored big plate switches, this range is big button, full plate.
C series in Red, Gold and Green colors, this series is made form Acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is much better than toughed glass for the strength.
All the BS standard range of SIASE switches & sockets are manufactured under the BS1363, BS546, BS 5733, BS EN60950, IEC 60884,BS EN60669 etc. The ranges cover from basic ones like 1 gang 1 way, 1 gang 2 way, 13A single, 13A double, 15A socket and 45 A water heat switches to project use like sensor switch, voice control switch, time delay, touch delay, key card, USB socket and other functional switches and sockets. 

2. 1 Range of IEC standard MCB (miniature circuit breaker) & 1 Range of IEC standard RCCB (residual current circuit breaker)

The MCB and RCCB range starts from 1P to 4 P, 6A to even 125A. And even for the 1P, 2P, we also have the range for 100A. All the MCB and RCCB products are manufactured under the IEC standard, so can fit all the international branded DB products like Legrand, Schneider, ABB, Hager, BG etc. 

3. 1 Range of IEC standard DB (distribution box)
The DB ranges cover 2-4 way, 4-6 way, 7-9 way, 10-13 way, 14-17 way, and even up to 17-29 ways. The back box is made from metal by the CNC machines in our factory, and the cover is make from PP material, which is fire resistant. The terminal and connection is manufactured under the IEC standard, all can fit not only SIASE branded MCB & RCC and all the international branded MCB or RCCB like Legrand, Schneider, ABB, Hager, BG etc. 

4. 3 Ranges of BS standard extension sockets
It has one range of UK plug with UK sockets and 2 ranges of UK plug with 4 way and 5 way of universal sockets. The UK plug with universal sockets are very popular for Chinese business travelers and visitors to the commonwealth countries. They don’t have to carry the adaptor while using SIASE extension sockets. 


And for the coming 2019, more and more fancy products are under development, we will launch our new products for the coming 2019 MEE (Middle East Electricity) Fair in Dubai on the March5-7th. We sincerely hope you may come to Dubai for experience them. 

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